Digital Media Specialist

The Gragg Advertising team is looking for a motivated Digital Media Specialist to join our team. Specialist must have experience planning, executing and managing display advertising for a diverse group of clients using a variety of channels. Note: this position does not entail social content management. Specialist must be able to handle multiple client accounts […]

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Marketing Analyst

The Gragg Marketing Analytics team is looking for a motivated and diagnostic-driven Marketing Analyst to join our team. Marketing Analysts must have experience in planning, executing and maintaining/managing one or a variety of paid media channels, including but not limited to social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, and affiliate advertising and broadcast/print media. Analysts must be […]

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Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator position offers an exciting opportunity for a creative, energetic, and analytical individual to join our team in an entry level position. This position will assist multiple marketing professionals in the day to day management of accounts. Responsibilities: Gather, assemble, and analyze background information to develop reports, plans and strategies. Provide daily administration […]

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Specialist

The Pay Per Click (PPC) Specialist is responsible for generating inquiries through targeted PPC campaigns. The PPC Specialist will be proficient in managing AdWords platform and will be able to optimize campaigns to reduce CPA and increase inquiry volume. The Specialist will interpret data to determine efficiencies of campaigns and will execute necessary changes to […]

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