Go Red for Women

The American Heart Association’s signature women’s initiative, Go Red for Women aims to increase heart health awareness and improve the lives of women around the world. Working with their Kansas City location, Gragg created a series of striking and effective pieces promoting the 2019 Go Red Luncheon.



Illustration and Graphic Design

Go Red for Women needed a visual style that would be memorable, yet warm at the same time. Gragg’s skilled designers developed an illustration style that complemented the brand’s colors, while resonating with the audience.

Print Design

Applying the approved illustration style to printed materials requires excellent design work, as well as a keen understanding of the printing process to ensure the final piece is exactly what is intended. This is exactly what Gragg delivered.

Event Branding

To ensure consistency from start to finish, Gragg also managed the event branding for the Go Red Luncheon, ensuring the smallest details were consistent to create an exceptional and well-received event.

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