BBJ Linen

The nation’s foremost provider in linen rental and chargers, BBJ Linen provides artfully designed and curated linen collections for every occasion.

Brand Development

A brand is more than a logo and a tagline. It’s how a company is perceived by consumers. Gragg created an elegant and sophisticated brand for BBJ Linen, mirroring their high-end offerings and reinforcing their position as a leader in the industry.

Style Guide

Clear and systematic marketing materials are vital for a continuous brand experience.  Leveraging extensive experience and research, we created a comprehensive style guide to ensure BBJ Linen presents a consistent approach across touch points.

Creative & Print Material

To enhance awareness, Gragg’s challenge was to create marketing pieces that reflect and enhance the brand’s luxury and class. Each piece was carefully curated to ensure it sent exactly the right message.

Product Launch

BBJ Linen prides itself on offering the most stylish linens available. When they wanted to launch and promote a new line, they trusted Gragg to create a inclusive marketing experience as chic as their latest catalog.

Email and Landing Page Creation

An integral part of product launches are digital marketing strategies. Gragg is an expert at creation and implementation 0f email and landing page campaigns.

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