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Jul 20, 2018

Good to Great Admissions – Strategies and Techniques for Building a Better Admissions Team

Most admissions representatives have never been trained in sales techniques, either direct contact or over the phone. This seminar is centered on the basic sales skills necessary to recruit the right students.

At this seminar individuals will learn what makes a good salesperson, the psychology of selling, listening techniques, lead conversion and how to overcome objections. In addition, we will analyze how each of your admissions reps can increase their conversions. If you’re admissions’ reps need to improve their enrollment ratios, this seminar could generate hundreds of increased enrollments for your career school.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basic selling skills
  • Basic selling habits
  • How admission representatives can improve their conversions.
  • Over-coming student objections
  • Learning the transitional phrases, tie-down phrases, wrap around phrases and take away phrases of sales.
  • Lead relationships

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