Putting data to work for you. Analytics

Success requires more than good instincts. You need to know what’s working, and just as importantly, why. We know how to make sense of the mountains of data you’re facing, quantify results and identify strengths and opportunities. What you’ll be left with is a razor-sharp marketing strategy that will deliver a return on your invested marketing dollars.

Understand your users. Web Statistics + Analytics

Visitors to your website leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs telling you all about themselves. We’ll mine that information to determine what’s relevant to you, translate it into actionable data, and use that to optimize your site.

Performance is the name of the game. Conversion Rates

Conversions are what it’s all about. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase, you want targets to take action. And Gragg has the secret sauce. We develop and implement strategies that add value, create good experiences and turn browsers into buyers.

Not just clicks, the right clicks.

Paid search is an important part of any marketing mix. But not all clicks are created equal. We’ll evaluate and optimize your marketing campaigns to drive traffic and lower overall CPI.

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