Want to find out which holiday movie you are? Take our quiz to find out.

What’s the most important part of the holidays?
The food
Spending time with loved ones
The presents
The music
Who is your favorite holiday character?
Santa Claus
Ebenezer Scrooge
Frosty the Snowman
Pick a holiday dessert:
Christmas cookies
Candy canes
Pumpkin pie
Who is your favorite reindeer?
What do you want most for the holidays?
A drama-free family gathering
That perfect present
Nothing, the holidays are about giving

Just like Greg, our cheerful leader, you never forget the reason for the season – even when unpleasant relatives show up unexpectedly.

Ahhh! You got Home Alone, a favorite of Emily, our client services manager, who loves holiday shenanigans, sometimes to the chagrin of our President/CEO Darryl and COO Fred.

Just like Bryon, our PPC Director, you’re singing loud for all to hear while watching this holiday favorite.

Along with Brian, our head of creative services, you’re hoping this is the year you finally get that Red Ryder BB gun. Be careful not to shoot your eye out.

You’re like Sophie, Gragg Advertising's social team lead . You don’t let holiday stress get to you and your heart grows three sizes when you watch this movie.

You got - Love Actually - You must love the clever usage of signs just like Mark, our Senior VP of Media who claims Love Actually is his favorite holiday movie, but only because we wouldn't let him include Die Hard.

Like our head of UX Ben and SEO director Chad, you’re going to get your hands on this season’s hottest toy – no matter what.

Happy Holidays, from Gragg Advertising.

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