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Pay-Per-Lead: Using Data to Find Your Match

We all know how online dating works, at least conceptually. You, the eligible single, put in all the criteria of what you’re looking for in a potential dating prospect. You can choose physical features: blonde, brunette, red head. You can select a height and weight range. You can even get super granular about it, looking only for those who are Radiohead fans or have a penchant for rock climbing. The core of this is simple: by inputting a set of individual characteristics the dating site uses this data to find your match. The more data you can provide, the more effective the match. Pay-Per-Lead (or PPL, as it’s known in the industry) works in a similar fashion. The difference is that instead of matching people like Tinder or does, we can match universities to potential students or banks to those in need of a loan.

Here’s how it works: by using a network of vendors and affiliate vendors, an ad agency purchases leads on behalf of their clients based upon their needs and/or intended demographic info of a desired prospect. For example, a university could request they only want leads from potential students living in Miami looking to enroll into a medical assisting program within the next three months. The agency would then use its network of vendors to market on behalf of that university, aggregate the data for quality purposes, and then deliver those leads to the client at a pre-established CPL (cost per lead). It’s a simple flowchart of delivery: vendor delivers to ad agency which delivers to client.

The vendor generates. The agency aggregates. The client accepts the inquiry and attempts to convert it into a sale. Gragg Advertising has effectively proven that the PPL model works via its clients in the education sector. However, the PPL model can apply to much more than just universities and their potential students. It can also be used for mortgage, finance, solar, auto loan, and much more. As long as the company has a marketing budget and the ability to work leads, PPL can be utilized in almost any vertical. It’s really a matter of making the numbers work.

So what makes Gragg the best company to run your PPL campaign? The simple answer is that we’ve already done it successfully. PPL has been the cornerstone of our business for over twenty years. Our longevity in the industry as well as our conversion numbers speak for themselves. How we’re able to do this is by working with only established vendors that deliver the highest quality leads. This ensures that anything delivered to our clients is legitimate and has propensity to convert. Everything else, whether that be duplicates or bogus inquiries, are filtered out via our aggregation process.

Finally, Gragg Advertising is completely transparent. As a client, you’ll always know the cost, source, and delivery method of any given inquiry. This information is never shared, and we continually optimize based upon conversion analysis. Essentially, the longer any given client runs a PPL campaign, the more effective we become at finding those perfect matches that have a higher propensity to convert. PPL—much like online dating—is a data and numbers game, and Gragg’s technology puts those numbers in our client’s favor.

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