Marketing in the Digital Age

(As originally published in the Kansas City Business Journal.)Whether your company sells to consumers or businesses, technology has become a key factor and tool in how effectively you reach your market. Recently, the Kansas City Business Journal brought together area marketing experts to share insights about the role technology plays in a business’s overall marketing […]

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Snapchat Header
All Aboard the Snapchat Train

As social media marketers, it’s always beneficial to keep up with the latest and greatest. In particular, Snapchat is one social media platform making waves amongst users for its originality and inventiveness. But it’s this same originality and inventiveness that leaves businesses a little confused on how exactly to use the app to tap into […]

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Lure your audience into an immersive ad experience with Facebook Canvas

Consider this. People are spending more time than ever before on social media apps like Facebook. So how do you reach these people in a clever way all while telling a brand story? Facebook Canvas offers a fun and intriguing solution that provides new creative possibilities for making your brand more visible.

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