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Get Stronger with a Healthy Dose of a Marketing Mix

If you have been paying any attention to marketing trends in recent years, surely you’ve heard traditional media is dying and companies are beginning to steer away from such platforms putting a larger focus on new-age digital tactics. Scratch this idea from your head and let’s be realistic.

To create a compelling and cohesive brand image, digital marketing campaigns need to work alongside traditional media to ensure the consumer hears the company’s message. Multiple studies show consumers prefer to see brands use traditional and digital media messages to complement each other, rather than using one as a replacement of the other.

Traditional media typically include radio, direct mail, TV, billboards, and print. These tactics are a one-way message from the company to consumers and, if done correctly, can be extremely powerful in spreading the brand’s idea and message. Digital media includes SEO, SEM, blogs and social media. They provide the opportunity for two-way communication between the company and consumer, leaving room for an open dialogue, feedback, questions, and suggestions from consumer to company.

Three ways to bring traditional and digital marketing together:

  • Display social platforms on print and broadcast ads.

Using a traditional media campaign is a highly effective way to promote your brand on social media. In addition to letting consumers know which platforms you’re active on, use creative hashtags, contests and special offers to attract your consumers’ attention and get them involved.

  • Gain customer insight.

You can use social media as a customer service platform to gauge what consumers want to see from your traditional media campaign. Encouraging feedback and engaging with your customers can be a rich source of information.

  • Accompany customers through the buying cycle.

Traditional and digital media work with each other in the consumer’s journey. Traditional media expresses the brand’s image and message to the consumer, narrowing down the brands they are attracted to and trust. Digital media helps to provide the consumer with immediate access to information about the brand when they are considering a purchase.

What Gragg says…

Without integrating a marketing mix of traditional and digital media to reach your target audience, you’re taking the risk of missing huge opportunities. Think of the big idea. Creating a healthy marketing mix of traditional and digital media will help you reach your audience throughout the campaign and build a stronger connection between you and your consumer.

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