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Weed out your false inquiries with real-time Inquiry Scoring

The days of sorting through dead-end leads are over. Gragg Advertising can change the way you view your monthly inquiries with Inquiry Scoring. Ditch the false leads and target your marketing spend toward the ideal customer base for your business.

Our system can scrub out the low-chance conversion inquiries so your sales team only gets valid leads. 

How does Inquiry Scoring work?

It’s simple. Every inquiry must pass Gragg’s customized policy standards before we pass the inquiry through to your reps. Inquiries are vetted against multiple national and local databases on different data points to determine the legitimacy of the contact information. If anything draws a red flag, the inquiry is rejected.

In other words, no more wasting your sales team’s time.

Real-time Scoring

Inquiry Scoring is a four-step process, designed to analyze submitted inquiries more efficiently than ever before. To find out more about our process and how it saves you money, email us at for more information.

The bottom line

At Gragg, we are all about saving you time and money. Inquiry Scoring improves the efficiency of your team, helps you to spend your marketing dollars more effectively and leads to higher contact and higher conversion rates.

Looking to get more out of your monthly leads? Call today to receive a FREE MONTH of Inquiry Scoring from Gragg Advertising.

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