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Apple iOS 14 Changes

Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will impact how Facebook Pixels processes conversion events (product sales, lead capture, etc.) Businesses that advertise on mobile apps, as well as those that optimize, target and report on web conversion events from any of Facebook’s business tools will be affected.

User experience changes

From now on Apple OS users (cell phones, laptops and tablets) will receive a prompt when they visit a website or app install page tracked by the Facebook Pixel or any other data collection tools/services. This notification will allow them to opt in or out of their data being tracked by third-party services. This means Facebook and Google will no longer be able to track actions or behaviors of users who have opted out take outside of using Facebook’s app, website or Google Search.

Client Facing Changes/Considerations

  • Apple user data from those who have opted out of data collection can no longer be gathered for Facebook advertising. This represents a potential 45% reduction in the total amount of data used for ad targeting. Facebook will not be able to track what webpages they visit, how long they stay on a page, what images capture their attention, when they initiate checkout, when they abandon their carts or when they purchase a product.
  • All of the conversions that occur on a user’s Instagram or Facebook account will still be tracked and can be used for placing ads and targeting.
  • Not all users have opted out: There are numerous services and apps that require basic data collection to use their services. These users could represent a significant portion of Apple’s 100 million American users.
  • This will result in fewer iPhone users receiving ads. However Facebook Pixels optimize targeting, as it learns more about the audience you’re trying to reach. Redirecting ads to other OS users does not necessarily mean ads will be less effective.
  • Clients should verify their domains on their business managers in order to decrease the impacts of iOS 14 tracking updates on their advertising. Refer to the following link ( to learn:
  • Auction is the only available buying option when you create an ad for iOS 14 devices, Reach and Frequency are not available. We recommend changing creative for all accounts 1-2 times per month to counter the lack of frequency tracking and avoid ad fatigue.

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