Social Media Manager

Department: Channel Strategy
Job Classification: Full time, exempt
Reports to: VP, Channel Strategy


Job Description
The Gragg Channel Strategy group is looking for a Social Media Manager to join our team. The Social Media Manager must have experience in managing brand reputation across all social media channels. Candidate must develop, research and implement brand content strategies across channels including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn, et al. The Social Media Manager must be able to handle multiple client accounts and channels and provide performance results and trending for all services.

The Social Media Manager must be strategic, brand-oriented, have excellent attention-to-detail and be able to work day-to-day with a high level of autonomy. The Social Media Manager must be comfortable with client-interaction, and able to work within a team structure.



* Experience managing brand presence on social media channels

* Experience setting up, managing channel performance through third-parties or aggregate software (Facebook, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc.)

* Experience with content strategy development and implementation on social sites and how that content will vary by message on each platform

* Experience with development of native ad content through use of Photoshop, Visual Editor, etc.

* Comfortable with daily client interaction, as applicable, through email and phone


Essential Job Functions

* Availability to travel as needed

* Cross-train with other areas of focus

* Independently motivated to expand expertise within current position through outside learning and research

* Maintain a minimum of one active, independent affiliation with a local or national association related to your job position/field of expertise

* Continuously review and identify areas of efficiency for agency and bring forth solutions to implement

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