Project Management from the Outside In

Project Managers wear many hats – collaborators, managers, problem-solvers, facilitators and (sometimes) even interpreters. We translate business needs into action plans for our clients. With responsive design work, search engine optimization, social and traditional media, we put the needs of our client at the heart of our strategy.

Why are Project Managers important?
Companies are focusing on strategic branding and marketing more than ever. In order to ensure the best cost, highest quality and timeliness of projects, we determine the appropriate workflow for each project – efficiently and accurately.

At Gragg, your designated Project Manager will be with you every step of the way throughout a project lifespan – from planning and concepts to production and execution. Our Project Management team works hard to deliver high-quality initiatives that meet or exceed expectations, on time and on budget. As the liaison between internal departments, our responsibility is to keep all projects moving efficiently throughout the process. Project Managers enable the Account Managers to address client facing issues, strategy and planning daily, weekly and monthly; while we identify, analyze, mitigate and monitor projects.

Our process at Gragg Advertising:

Client Client Engagement Team Project Management Strategy, Analytics, Creative, External Vendors, Developers, Media

As we launch new campaigns, Project Managers and the Client Engagement team meet with our clients to confirm strategy and creative direction. We confirm the approach behind each initiative and provide detailed information and guidance to ensure our clients receive the highest value for their project from start to finish. Our goal is to make sure you always feel like you are in-the-know about the status of your campaign. As Project Managers, we work to keep lines of communication open at all times to ensure we have all the details to report back to you through emails, meetings and status reports.

We know communication is important, which is why we have weekly status updates followed by documented action items to report on our discussion. Items covered in these weekly calls include, but are not limited to, deliverable progress, items for attention and priorities for the following week. Throughout the lifecycle of your campaign, our project management team is here to identify, analyze, mitigate and monitor all details of the project from beginning to end.