Converting and Mobile Technology

Why Mobile Technology is Your Future:

It is no secret we use our 17-ounce electronic handheld computers that sit in our back packets with broken screens for anything and everything we can. We have become dependent on our cell systems.

This has driven a technological boom on how the consumer wants to interact, learn and stay connected.

The schools of the near future will have to build allĀ aspects of the educational experience around mobile technology. Recruitment, communication, education and lifelong constituency.

If schools do not start adopting the new mobile programming technologies they will be left in a technology graveyard, losing leads, starts, and their alumni.

In this presentation, we will look at how a school can prepare themselves for Mobile technology.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to build out your current web presence for effective mobile digestion
  • How to stitch in students through effective communication and social strategies
  • How to engage the student in the classroom to use their own mobile device for better participation and curriculum management.
  • Why moving from static to mobile for you and your staff is crucial.
  • Evolve or die.