Digital Natives II – Keeping the Student

In April’s Webinar we will be discussing best communication practices with Digital Natives when:

  • Responding to Inquiries
  • Building Relationships
  • Retaining students from start to graduation

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Digital Natives I – Marketing at their Level

It’s time to break out of the traditional media channels used to attract the new target student. To attract our new, target market– the digital native – we must use different medial channels. As digital natives move to potential students and technology evolves, our ability to reach these students grows more complex.

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Converting and Mobile Technology

The schools of the near future will have to build all aspects of the educational experience around mobile technology. Recruitment, communication, education and lifelong constituency. If schools do not start adopting the new mobile programming technologies they will be left in a technology graveyard, losing leads, starts, and their alumni.
In this presentation, we will look at how a school can prepare themselves for Mobile technology.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Join this free admissions webinar to hear from Greg Gragg, Darryl Mattox and Lisa Olmedo!

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No Such Thing as a Free Lead

With up to 42% of offline marketing attribution transferred to online channels, how can you know where your inquiries are coming from? Join us as we explore the effectiveness of an integrated marketing strategy that combines earned and paid media. We’ll dive into the data and share recommendations to overcome your marketing ROI challenges and […]

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Good to Great Admissions – Strategies and Techniques for Building a Better Admissions Team

Most admissions representatives have never been trained in sales techniques, either direct contact or over the phone. This seminar is centered on the basic sales skills necessary to recruit the right students.

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20/20 Vision – The right marketing mix to generate results

Marketing has changed dramatically in the last five years as 360-degree marketing now includes all traditional and digital formats. This session will explore the best media mix for optimum results. Attendees will learn how to develop an effective marketing strategy for attracting the next generation of students.

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Overcoming Everyday Admissions Obstacles

Explore how to handle the common obstacles admissions teams face daily while staying in compliance with constantly changing regulations. This webinar is for both seasoned and beginning admissions representatives.

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Marketing to Millennials /Gen Z

Hear from Greg Gragg, Darryl Mattox and Lisa Olmedo during this free marketing webinar!

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Understand why only managing CPI limits your marketing impact.

As presented at CECU by Greg Gragg, CEO and Darryl Mattox, President/COO.

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