Effective Tools for Student Inquiry

At Gragg Advertising, paid social media advertising is a key component in our clients’ overall digital marketing strategy. We’re experts at reaching EDU audiences where they spend their time, and you better believe it’s on social media. Gragg’s own Senior Social Media Strategist, Jasmyn Franks, VP of Social Media, Suzanne Palmer, and CEO, Greg Gragg, […]

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PDLs and Referrals – A Forgotten Art

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Creating the right atmosphere for referrals and PDLs
  • PDL Fundamentals
  • Referral Fundamentals
  • Referral Strategies
  • Successful Referral Programs

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Is Your School Military and Veteran Student Ready?

Current and former servicemembers bring integrity, commitment, and focus to the classroom, and WE WANT YOU to learn how to foster a climate of success for this dynamic student population.  In our March Webinar, we cover: Military and veteran student profile Military and veteran population in higher education Misconceptions debunked Available benefits of military and veteran […]

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EDU Sector Washington Outlook

Key Takeaways:

  • CECU’s upcoming initiatives
  • Impact of ACICS reinstatement
  • Democrats’ stance on the EDU sector
  • The state of the sector now and in 2021
  • Status of HEA reauthorization
  • Other Administration/legislative initiatives in 2019

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Increase Completion/Retention Rates

This presentation will take you through the effectiveness of an integrated marketing strategy that combines earned and paid media to get students in the door and keep them.

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10 Ways to Increase Enrollment

What if you could add up to 48% more annual starts to your school? What if it didn’t cost you any additional marketing spend? Sound impossible?At Gragg Advertising we make the impossible…possible.With Gragg, you have over 25 years of EDU marketing experience on your side, and experts who know how to make the most of […]

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Overcoming Everyday Admissions Obstacles

This is your chance to take a deep dive into the challenges your Admissions team faces each day and learn how to fix them. In this month’s complimentary webinar, Gragg’s experts will identify both new and historic Admissions challenges and how to overcome them.  Gragg’s own Lisa Olmedo and Jason Chapman have a combined 30-year Admissions background handling Admissions […]

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Building a Marketing Program for the Year 2020

Register now for Gragg Advertising’s October Webinar, or leave your future marketing plan at risk. At Gragg, we wouldn’t be able to design integrated strategies for over 25 years without keeping an eye on the future. We know what other agencies have yet to accept – that a successful marketing plan can’t survive without an integrated […]

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Building a Killer Social Media Strategy

Here at Gragg, we like to challenge traditional marketing approaches with ones that actually yield results.  And we know that SOCIAL MEDIA plays a critical role in modern marketing.  So, we have our experts all lined up to tell you how to incorporate SOCIAL MEDIA as part of your overall marketing strategy.This webinar is all […]

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Good to Great Admissions – Strategies and Techniques for Building a Better Admissions Team

Most admissions representatives have never been trained in sales techniques, either direct contact or over the phone. This seminar is centered on the basic sales skills necessary to recruit the right students.

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Digital Natives II – Keeping the Student

In April’s Webinar we will be discussing best communication practices with Digital Natives when:

  • Responding to Inquiries
  • Building Relationships
  • Retaining students from start to graduation

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Digital Natives I – Marketing at their Level

It’s time to break out of the traditional media channels used to attract the new target student. To attract our new, target market– the digital native – we must use different medial channels. As digital natives move to potential students and technology evolves, our ability to reach these students grows more complex.

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