Affiliate Management

Quality and quantity. Designed to consistently deliver the right volume of targeted, qualified customers, our affiliate management group actively oversees partnerships with more than 100 inquiry generation vendors throughout the country. Our team of analysts then applies rigorous quality metrics to each potential customer before it is delivered to you. The result: a more efficient use of your time and resources.

Alpine Alpine

Your brand, in real-time. Your customers are engaging with your brand right now. With ALPINE, technology built and developed in-house, you’ll know where, when and how they’ve reached out. Up-to-the-minute reporting will help to optimize your ROI and pinpoint where to invest in your brand’s future. And because it’s equipped with more than 80,000 custom validators, you’ll see only legitimate engagement and response to your brand’s marketing efforts.

Data Integration

Your performance, your system. It’s your brand. See how your customers engage with it – and do it within the framework of your own database. We can build customizable dashboards to reflect the key performance indicators that are unique to your business, and then we’ll integrate your campaign metrics directly into your system. It’s about transparency. It’s about data. It’s about making sure you have all the information you need to take your brand to the next level.

Vendor Services + Media Management

Partnerships for your benefit. It’s still about who you know, but in this case, it’s about who we know. Whether it’s our partnerships with more than 100 lead generation vendors nationwide, whether it’s our Media Services team negotiating buys on your behalf, whether it’s our Digital Marketing Group speaking with Google about upcoming changes to paid search – we use our partnerships with industry leaders to connect your brand with your customers.

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