Our Team

We’re people people. So it only makes sense that we’d show you ours.

What Are You Here For?  

  • Brand Strategy
  • Client Engagement
  • Data Strategy & Analytics
  • Executives
  • Operations / Business Development

Gregg Gragg


Darryl Mattox


Erica Brune


Mike Schuler

CIO, Partner

Lee Clark

VP of Strategic Business Development

Justin Long

Business Development East

Tom Brady

Business Development Director West

Lisa Olmedo

Vice President of Client Relations

Ryan Elder

Web Developer

Kate Eckstein

Marketing Coordinator

Bryan Welnicki

Account Manager

Alex Mitra

Marketing Coordinator

Amy Lawrence

Project Manager

Logan Meyer

Associate Media Planner/Buyer

Nickolaus Guzman


Joseph Sauer


Mark Buchele

Director, Media Services

Meredith Mitsch

Project Manager

Stephanie Welsh

Project Manager

Christina Ruth

Senior Project Manager

Adam Fisk

Senior Account Manager

Fred Frantz

Executive Vice President

Brian Stuetelberg

Video Producer

Swan Griffin

SEO Strategist

Chad Maslak

SEO Services Manager

Benjamin Parks

Senior Experience Designer

Jasmyn Franks

Social Media Strategist

Roberto Cruz

Art Director

Tim Lindsey

Web Developer

Zach Russell

VP of Brand Strategy

Jeremy Sander

Senior Analyst

Nick Simcox

SEM Manager

Troy Beal


Cathryn Vaughn

VP of Channel Strategy

Our Partners